Get the best Charter Bus Services

Charter Bus ServicesIn the first place, what exactly is a charter service? The literal definition is the transportation of people or cargo, which has contracted to have an exclusive use of an aircraft, a vehicle, or even a vessel at a particular fixed rate for a specified itinerary, is exactly what it is.

A charter bus is nothing, but a bus that is hired by an organization or a person in order to transport people to a particular destination. Usually, these buses are run by private companies than the public transit agencies. They include a variety of amenities such as entertainment systems, air conditioning, reclining seats and so on, in order to make the journey comfortable. These buses usually come with drivers who have the license to drive passengers and are well trained to operate the bus safely. Unlike public transit, a charter bus can travel in any direction as preferred by the organization or person. A charter bus also picks up people from their homes by making a number of stops.

Using a charter bus, when you travel as a group or as an organization, is fun as you can enjoy your ride with a known group of friends. Moreover, renting a charter bus is way far cheaper than purchasing and maintaining one.

Other than this, a charter bus can also be used to transport people who are unable to travel. The charter bus rates vary from one charter service company to another. It is necessary for people to inquire about the rates before hiring them. One must also check the safety records of the driver, type of amenities present, and maintenance record of the bus.

Among most companies, All Aboard America is the best one available. They are one of the major players in motorcoach industry. It is a special member of the International Motor Coach Group Inc. (IMG). This charter service company is affiliated with Adventure Tours, Alpine Ski Club, Motorcoach Council and National Tour Association. All Aboard America has experience of more than 75 years that makes it a very good player in field. The fleet of All Aboard America consists of:

  • 9 passenger vans
  • 48 passengers full size luxury touching motorcoaches
  • 28-35 passenger mini motorcoaches
  • 56 passenger full size touching motorcoaches

The various amenities and features you will be able to find in a charter when you book the vehicle at All Aboard America are:

  • Restrooms
  • PA system
  • DVD, CD and VCR
  • Individual overhead climate control
  • Engine Fire Suppression
  • Cordless microphone
  • IPod connection
  • VGA, USB audio video capable
  • Drive CAM
  • Smart Tire
  • Individual overhead lighting
  • Overhead storage racks
  • Seat belts
  • 110 volt outlets
  • Wi-Fi
  • ADA – available with advance notice of 72 hours
  • GPS Tracking
  • Individual arm rests
  • Head rests
  • Oversized picture windows
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Reclining seats
  • Undercarriage weather-proofed luggage compartments

So one simple question which would be running right now in your mind would be why to choose All Aboard America? Here are some points which would give you your answer.

  • Full service Safety Department
  • Dedicated professional team
  • It is a family owned and operated since 1936
  • Expected Team of professionals
  • It is an Exclusive member of International Motor Coach Group
  • It also has full services of “In-House” maintenance facility

Going on a holiday brings along a lot of memories to cherish. When holiday time comes, it also means that time for partying, enjoyment and happiness has come. Keeping the safety of friends and family, while having fun, is very important. To make travelling party a successful and memorable one, it is necessary for you to arrange a few things prior. Make sure you make a single pick up spot. Take sufficient amount of food and drinks for the journey. You can also take few fun filled games along with you to play, so that no one gets bored while travelling.

All Aboard America makes all types of tours like Day tours, Overnight tours and also custom tours. Travelling in a charter bus with your loved ones has become much more exciting with All Aboard America. So what are you waiting for? Book your own charter bus today and have a happy holiday!