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heavy haul worksHeavy Haul is usually the transportation of heavy cargo, oversize and large dimensions by Heavy Hauling Trucks/ Transportation. Logistics Group International Inc. (LGI) is recognized nationally for Heavy Haul Trucking Services. They provide logistic solutions for any complex or simple heavy haul works.

LGI provides Heavy Haul services throughout Mexico, United States and also, Canada. The experience and capability of LGI in handling heavy haul projects at Mexico and also cross-country freight shipping is the best. They get your cargo to your destination on time and also within your budget. They always ensure quality solution in transportation every time. LGI is basically a freight shipping broker, which provides logistic solutions, to meet your daily transportation needs. LGI not only provides best services in trucking, international air cargo and break bulk ocean cargo, but also in auto transport.

They also have something called as specialized heavy haul, which are specialized to take work such as oversize shipments. A heavy hauler will usually have an enclosed or flatbed trailers with multiple wheels some of which may be independently steered. There are some heavy haul projects which might require several trailers. LGI is capable of taking all these huge projects which other companies will not take. LGI has enough knowledge and experience needed to offer the best transport solution, irrespective of the size and weight of your shipment.

Along with your full truck load shipments, LGI can also handle Partial Truck Load Shipping. They have the best tariffs created with the nation’s largest regulator, LTL carriers. So, if you are thinking of shipping LTL then your one stop solution is LGI.

LGI is your most valuable and best partner for International and domestic shipping. They offer solutions for various types of shipping such as heavy haul capabilities, state to state shipping, overseas shipping and also shipping freight from US to Mexico and Canada. All of these include shipping through rail, trucks and even shipping logistics. They also provide solutions in global shipping problems over ocean freight, road trucking and air cargo.

Being freight shipping and hauling services company, LGI makes sure that they establish strong partnership with all of their clients in order to observe and listen to the problems which arise in shipping and then undertake the necessary improvements. LGI gives equal importance to all the logistics solutions like air cargo, ocean transport, freight trucking and many more though they are specialized in heavy haul transportation. LGI understands your cargo and freight transport needs before recommending you with a logistic solution.


Here is the list of services available in LGI

  • Ground transport
  • LGI Mexico
  • Rail transport
  • Air and ocean freight
  • Boat transport
  • Crane and rigging

Logistics Group International Inc. has proved itself to be an invaluable International and domestic shipping team. Thus your one stop logistics solution destination is LGI.

So what are you waiting for? Contact LGI and get your transportation and shipping done easily without any hassles of any sort.