The best metal shelves on the market

Metal ShelvesThe most wide-ranging selection of carton flow options is from the Gauer’s Flo-Rack range of products. Established sometime during the 1940’s, the foremost producer of carton flow-rack shelving was Gauer Metal Products.

It’s almost certain that any system, after modification of the designs to the latest Gauer Flo-Rack products, is capable of fitting the requirements. With the Gauer Flo-Rak shelving system, there’s no requirement for additional hardware to uphold the track and direct in position. Changes to package and product sizes are easily adjustable for accommodation with this system, although only complete width roller runaway choices on special orders are supplied. However, track horizontal is made adjustable to ½ or ¾ inch, which increases on the reliable style of the shelf. As a result, the highest product solidity is most likely to be accomplished. Gauer’s roller system also operates with simplicity and the execution makes sure of a smooth flow.

Every Gauer product is manufactured in the United States of America and conforms to stringent rules laid down by Walter Gauer. A variety of Gauer made products are found worldwide. They have their products setup in South America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa besides North America. Undertaking business all over the world from the 1950’s is a Gauer practise even at present and stays a significant section of the business. Professional experience is guaranteed if you’re functioning locally or internationally with Gauer.

For more than 60 years, Gauer Metal Products are the foremost metal fabricators in the United States of America. Situated in Kenilworth, New Jersey they have two facilities measuring 70,000 sq. feet. A complete custom metal fabrication service which includes cutting, bending, machining, welding and stamping is provided. All types of metals are worked with such as stainless steel, titanium, brass, copper, carbon steel and aluminium. The company’s status for excellence in design, manufacturing and industrialized superiority has received trust and admiration from every professional in the industry. All products have to conform to the Gauer make standard for maintaining the richly-deserved admiration. The commitment to manufacturing superiority, product durability and client contentment ensure Gauer created products for present day business requirements are the best choice.

The Gauer ranges of products are

Edging Machines: These include Hydraulic safety edger, mechanical safety edger, double dump table and 10,000 lb unicoiler

Gauer Flo-Rack: These include Flo-Rack frames, Flo-(Roller) Track, Rack mounted or standalone, Gauer Flo-Rack movable workstation, Cooler or Freezer Flo-Rack Shelves

Manufacturer of garments donation bin: Offered in Standard as well as Non-Standard designs

Gauer Bar: Flat edged bar

Formed shapes: Capable of 20 feet in length

The Gauer’s range of services includes:

  • Professional Engineering
  • Shearing and Cutting
  • Punching and Stamping
  • Bending and Forming
  • Mig, Tig and Spot Welding
  • CNC Horizontal and Vertical Milling
  • CNC Lathe Turning
  • Heat Treatment
  • Sand Blasting
  • Plating and Painting

The Welded Shelf Creation is the best. Its frame is constructed of shaped steel and every joint is welded perfectly to guarantee a potentially sturdy and secure design.

Thus, Gauer is a name that one can trust.